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Alyssa Marie, vegetarian AND I HAVE A DEEP PASSION FOR FISH, and I am ignorant and thats the whole point of this blog. If you take anything I say seriously then I genuinly feel sorry for making you so pissed. But on the bright side I post classic rock mostly the Doors because they're my favorite. In light of Jim Morrison "where's your will to be weird?"

i need femnsm bcuz man laff n i crei.

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Anonymous sent: i wish i was white, the whole world hates me because of my race

I don’t think its very true to say the whole world hates a certain race, because its not true, but you shouldn’t wish to be a different race because being a different race really means nothing. White, Black, Asian, ect. all have certain problems that they have to deal with in society.

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I like Breaking Bad now.

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Mick Jagger, 1973
30 years old and ever so cute

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Stop murder jokes! Because they’re just as bad as rape jokes, if not worse.

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Anonymous sent: Stop whining about how ugly you are you dumb bitch. You're beautiful.

Ummm? Thank you?

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The first MIB was the shit

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im a BIT of a history nerd *puts a hand on my hip, puts on my glasses, cracks open an encyclopedia* did you know obama is the president 

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